“Where has all the mercy gone?”

By Jessica Lowery


There’s an Afghani girl that I know

and she is beautiful, masha Allah she glows.

But as she and I are hugging,

our home countries are fighting,

and killing each other one by one.

Ya Allah, where has the Mercy gone?

And there’s a Paki boy that I know,

and he is beautiful, masha Allah he glows.

And I will be his rib, and I pray he’ll always be my last kiss.

But my family’s blood boils at the thought of this,

and would prefer he’d take his nonsense and his Allah back east where they belong.

Ya Allah, where has the Mercy gone?

And there’s a French woman that I know,

and she is beautiful, masha Allah she glows.

But her government decided to regulate

how far is too far in expressing her faith.

And I wonder, if I were her, if I’d find that same strength, and shave my head too.

For now, her actions will barely break through.

Ya Allah, where has the mercy gone?

And there is a mountain that I know,

and it is beautiful, masha Allah, it glows.

But where flowers once bloomed, men now fall from guns and swords.

Fighting to be invincible, but to me its not understandable

how a white man can kill a brown man, and a brown man can kill a white man,

and on and on and on, for liberty and justice for all,

’til your father comes back legless and your friend comes back in a box.

And I’ll tell you what, that mountain wishes it would fall.

Ya Allah, where has the Mercy gone?

A friend of a friend of a friend of mine may be in Baghdad slaughtering your brother.

It’s not me, it’s not my actions, but you can’t stop looking at this blood on my hands.

And you’ll hate me and you’ll blame me, because to you,

I’m just a white girl with an accent.

but to me, you’re just a dark girl with an accent…

so maybe


we’re the same.

There’s an American girl that I know.

I can’t say she’s beautiful, I don’t know if she glows.

I dont know if she’s worthy, or humble, or right,

but I do know she realizes that this is not life,

or how we’re supposed to be living.

And so she’ll ask Him. He’s the only One who knows

He who’s name she did not know a year and a half ago,

Ya Allah,

Ya Allah,

Ya Rahman

Ya Raheem,

tell me, where has the Mercy gone?