Exotic International Vacation Spots

By Kiran Munir


It is never too early to start contemplating possible summer vacation spots. This is especially true when winter is starting to already feel like spring. It does not hurt to come up with a list of hot spots for future reference.

Photo by Sarah Jaber.

Top Choices:

Bahamas- Hey, who can forget the Bahamas? For those who love the vast blue ocean and warm temperatures, book a ticket as soon as possible because travelling to this island would serve as an unforgettable vocational experience. The Bahamas is an island country in the Atlantic Ocean with about 30 islets around the main island. This means a trip that would include a lot of beaches and the chance to swim in the pure, crystal clear water along with the opportunity to observe exotic fishes. It is a worthwhile experience!

 France– For those who are romance/loving people, what other place can be more perfect other than the most romantic city in the world: Paris. Needless to say, when in Paris, be sure to climb the Eiffel Tower! The tower has three levels for visitors to climb to via staircase. However, it also has an elevator in case the stairs get too tedious.  The first and second levels have restaurants, but the third level is only accessible by an elevator. Furthermore, Paris is well known for its numerous gardens present sporadically around the city, which make for beautiful scenery.

Switzerland– While in Switzerland, one can never be out of surprises. From its vast, scenic tourist hotspots to the unforgettable experience of skiing on the Alps, vacationers will never find themselves bored. Being in Switzerland, how can one forget to shop for their famous watches?  Make sure to grab one of these luxurious accessories! Of course, Switzerland chocolate is also a delicacy, so be sure to buy extra!

Egypt- A holiday trip to the land of the great pyramids and deserts of Egypt can be great for the family. Although it may be a bit too hot, history-loving individuals would appreciate seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the world!  A cruise on the Nile River can be very refreshing, and shopping in the Khan-el Khalili bazaar is a must. For those who are not avid history people, there’s always Sharm-El-Sheikh, which is at the tip of Egypt touching the Red Sea. It has many hotels, fine dining and of course, a lot of water!

Indonesia- Indonesia is also another country on islands with numerous lush beaches and warm weather.  Additionally, people are able to visit the diving sites of Bunaken and Mount Rijani. Some of the metropolitan tourism activities include shopping, sightseeing, and enjoying modern amusement parks.  Furthermore, Indonesia is popular destination for handicraft shopping in the region for traditional hand-crafted items.  While visiting, make sure to buy a nice embroidered item at a lower cost than in the United States.