Athletics Video pulled from web

by Tom Brown



Last week, the BenU Athletic Department pulled an athletics promotional video from the internet after it went viral and received negative attention. The video was also included on blog websites such as and tosh.0 and was featured on the WGN morning news.

Before being pulled from the web, the video received lot of attention, some of which questioned the video’s quality. The video featured Benedictine athletes jumping over a mountain, hitting a golf ball that straightens the Tower of Pisa and hitting a baseball to the moon.

After going viral, the video was featured on sites like

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications Mercy Robb stated via e-mail that the video did not meet any of the factors of the review process that all videos are required to meet before they go public.

“University policy states that all University communications and marketing initiatives must come through the Office of Marketing and Communications for collaboration, review and approval to ensure appropriate University branding and image standards are met. None of this occurred before this video was made public,” Robb stated in an e-mail.

Student reaction to the video was also mixed. Men’s Cross Country runner Danny Graham, who was featured in the video, said “It’s kind of like a house fire. You have no idea what’s going on, but you can’t stop watching.”

The reaction was the same amongst some of those who were not featured in the video.

“It was so cheesy,” said sophomore Jordan Gaska, “but funny as well.”

“The extreme use of the green screen was a misrepresentation of Benedictine Culture,” added sophomore Megan Ryan.
Others felt that the video was a positive thing for BenU.

“I like it. I think any press is good press for Benedictine,” added sophomore Jimmy Moffitt. “At least it gets our name out there.”
Since its initial pulling from the internet, the video was re-released back onto the web for a brief time, but then taken down again. It is

currently only available on the blog websites that it landed on.

Check out the video here: