Zumba fever!

Community members take part in weekly Zumba classes at Women's Workout World. Photo by Rohaina Hassan.

by Nida Motan



Working out can be a pain in the butt at times. Treadmills, Stairmasters, sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. are all boring and tiring forms of working out. These exercises aren’t motivating at all. It almost feels as if exercising has become more of a job than a hobby. Zumba is a popular exercise that is very motivating and exciting, especially for young adults. It creates a whole new atmosphere for exercising that allows everyone to actually enjoy working out.

Zumba has been the new, hot “IT” thing for the past few months. People have been endorsing it just about anywhere and everywhere. It has become popular with celebrities and now with regular people. Every gym has been offering classes for Zumba and just about everyone loves it. It is a Latin-based dance exercise. It is a much more entertaining form of workout. It involves dance along with aerobic elements. It includes different dances such as hip-hop, salsa, belly dancing, Bollywood dancing, samba, and more! It gets all the muscle groups in the body moving with its combined intense dance moves. When it all comes together, it turns out to be an exciting workout that helps people lose weight and gain muscle. It tones the body overall while burning a lot of calories. The best part is—Zumba doesn’t feel like a typical workout!

Zumba attracts modern society because it uses modern music and dance moves. They use songs that can be currently heard on the radio and other recent, fun music. The dance moves are very fast and catchy. They also use dances such as salsa, which keep the class very entertaining. Zumba is doable for people who don’t know how to dance, and after taking the class a lot, people notice that their hips become looser and that they have developed dancing skills. The instructors are also young and fresh. They get the crowd going and make sure you’re involved and awake. It’s now offered at almost every gym out there. There are also ways that you can do Zumba at home by purchasing Zumba DVDs. There is a Zumba game available for Xbox as well. This allows you to work out and do Zumba just about anywhere.

I personally love Zumba because it is exactly what you want your workout to be. It is a lot of fun and it keeps you going. Other workout routines tire you out and are also extremely boring. With Zumba, regardless of how tired you are you still keep going because you’re enjoying it. I attend a Zumba class weekly and find it to be the best thing that has ever happened to the world of exercising. It is a full class every week and always has a very diverse population. It just feels like a crazy party when you’re there. You don’t even feel like you’re working out! So go ahead, try it, but be careful because you might catch the Zumba fever!