As the Republican candidates continue to battle for the coveted presidential nomination, one candidate stands out above the rest: Mitt Romney.

Romney has maintained his dignity throughout the topsy-turvy campaign, which is almost unheard of in political endeavors. While some of the other candidates have consistently used mudslinging tactics against one another, he has concentrated on the issues and his biggest obstacle: beating Obama.

After watching debates, hearing each candidate’s campaign speeches and doing research, the Candor believes that Romney is the best option for the Republican party. While Romney may have some connections, we love that he is not a career politician. He spent most of his career working in the private sector; his knowledge of business and economic saviness is exactly what our country needs.

Contrary to what Newt Gingrich argues, Romney is not liberal or even a greedy businessman. Yes Romney is wealthy and successful, but when did that become a bad thing? Our country has been founded on many principles and ideals like the American Dream. There is nothing wrong with striving for more and succeeding, financially or any other way. Romney released his tax returns, after unnecessary pestering from Gingrich, and they reveal that Romney paid every penny required of him by the U.S. government. He even contributed millions to charity. To condemn him for his success is wrong. In fact, we should see his success as a positive for what he could do for our country.

The United States is in a volatile economic slump. We need reform both in the private and public sector. Many of us have been living beyond our means for too long, and some people in elected positions have forgotten that they are working for the public’s best interest.

Romney has proven that he knows how to turn around an economically distraught economy. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney brought state spending under control, lowered unemployment, and reevaluated government programs all with a Democratically controlled Congress. He is the businessman we need in the executive branch.

While we will admit that Romney is not the perfect candidate, he is better than every other alternative. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are simply not electable. While Newt Gingrich has some positive attributes, his moral character, or lack thereof, proves that he should not be president. He is already barely clinging to his campaign momentum by attacking Romney. Gingrich has lost sight of the issues. Since he has already forgotten that, there’s no telling how low he would fall against Obama.

It’s time that we realize everyone must be more aware of the politicians running for office and hold them accountable for their actions. We have not decided our stance on who should be president in 2012, but one thing’s for sure; we believe that Romney should face Obama in November, if the Republicans want any chance to take back the oval office.