by Scholars Class of 2012

beauty comes in the feelings and emotions that one feels when they experience something

experience is everything

understanding minds through experiencing creativity and art

imagination is okay

art can be found where you least expect it

art can be used as a medium to represent an artist’s idea

layers of meaning through representation

appreciation through research and observation

research leads to more creativity, personal connections

personal connections and senses lead to observation

the road to knowledge is long and tiring, but it is worth it in the end

impulsive rejection is cowardice, challenging ideas takes courage

constant questioning and self-reflection

questioning benefits the seeker of knowledge

challenging ideas takes courage

deeply analyzing ourselves teaches us that we are actually not that different at all

being creative means going out of your comfort zone and thinking of things no one else has thought of

creativity is the ability to see things in a new and different way that is unlike the normal

creativity has no right or wrong answer but instead it is all about originality

beauty is a term that cannot be truly defined because it is in the eye of the beholder

appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the arts

journey of transformation

expanding viewpoints and


all is one and one is all

experience is everything.

knowledge yields creativity

art creates knowledge through perception

questioning leads to knowledge, which leads to growth

constant questioning

the central question to all of this is “why?”

always ask yourself, “why?”

the importance of asking why?

keep asking why?