Five things to do on a snow day

Snow fall at Benedictine. Photo by Sarah Jaber.

by Tarik Hrvo



We are officially three weeks into the Spring semester and have yet to see a single snow day (unless graduate students are included). This winter has been a little underwhelming to say the least, but there’s still some hope with the month of February coming up. With how the winter has been so far, a lot of snow could be in store for us in the first semester of the 2012 year. If we do end up getting lucky and having classes cancelled, we should take advantage of our snow day and not waste it sleeping.  Here are a few things you can do during a snow day:

Sledding: this is probably the most popular and obvious choice. There’s nothing more fun than grabbing your sled, getting with some friends, and going to the nearest hill. This might not be something a college student would do, but it’s nice to be able to feel like a kid again sometimes!

Skiing/snowboarding at a resort: If you’re an active and athletic person, you should give skiing or snowboarding a try. Some of the nicest resorts in Illinois include Chestnut Mountain in Galena. Villa Olivia in Bartlett. If you are dorming at BU and are looking for something closer to school, then Four lakes village, one block away, is also a great choice.

Movie with friends/family- Sometimes on a day when you’re snowed in and don’t feel like doing much, it’s nice to make hot chocolate and pop in a movie with the family. This is a nice alternative to the outdoor activities if you aren’t feeling well or just want to relax while getting a day off from school.

Scrapbooking: This is a good option for the more creative types of people. It’s not something I would usually do but some people find it really interesting. Digging up an old album and scrap booking with the pictures could be a fun way to look back on some old pictures with the family.

Winter cleaning: This is probably the least popular choice, but is necessary sometimes. When you’re done having fun doing other things, you can finally clean out the closet you’ve been meaning to tackle since last winter. Take out all your old clothes and donate them to charity where they can be used. Again, not a very appealing thing to do on a snow day, but would you rather do it now or during a nice hot summer day?

Winter hasn’t really kicked in yet, but it’s important to be apprehensive and expect that there will be snow days this year. Prepare for them and don’t let them go to waste!