Dress for Success: The Art and Science of First Impressions

by Rohaina Hassan



The end of something, is the start of something. Life is always about balance, and this dates back to early centuries. The end of summer, signals the start of school. The end of school, leads to job hunting and interviews. Whether we like it or not, first impressions are the deciding factor in many decisions. The first impression can lead to a positive outlook on you, which plays in your favor and helps you land the job. Or, it can lead to a less than positive judgment, which makes it harder for you to get the job. At a first glance automatically as humans we begin to make judgments. If we are intrigued, we continue on to actually portray interest in the person and see what they have to offer. We are ruled by the laws of attraction, whether it be as a consumer or as a job hunter.

When we put careful though into our physical presentation, we show the other person that we take things seriously, and respect ourselves. Let’s face it. If you see a person with unkempt hair, disgusting nails, and a little bit of pizza on their blazer, what would you think? When employers hire someone, that someone ends up representing their company. Employers don’t want the face of their company ruining their prestige and honor. People build their entire lives upon the reputation of a certain company, and along with that comes high standards. The way you dress and act in the first meeting, shows the interviewer a glimpse of who you are and how you will be in the workplace. First impressions generally pave the way for how the rest of the communication will proceed.

Outfits should revolve around this mantra: “conservative, personality, & flair.” The first couple meetings/days at the job will help show you what kind of environment the office is, so play it safe until you learn the ropes. Extreme hair and low shirts, will not make the cut. Make sure your personality shines through your presentation, because in the end that’s what makes you different and sets you apart from the others. Flair, within the confines of a little common sense, can help get you major points in the books. Flair helps tone down the serious connotation of conservative and literally just puts your twist on things. Employers want to see a person who is willing to step out of the box, yet still get the job done.

Dress to impress, and you’re sure to succeed. Put a little time and thought into your outfit and presentation, along with a little bit of that beautiful personality and you’re on your way to land that dream job.