BSU Welcome Back Party

Two members of the Black Student Union host and dj for the bash held on Saturday in Krasa. Photo by Raya Saleem.

by Taylor Hoppe



On Friday, Jan 28, the Black Student Union (BSU) hosted a welcome back party in Krasa ABC. The party was held in order to welcome students to the new semester. Guests enjoyed music being played by junior Noel Duckworth, DJ for the event.

The event also was intended to be something different for students to do on campus. “It could be an alternative to drinking for some students,” suggests Duckworth. “I wish there were more things like this on the weekends.”

BSU Executive Board member Aaron Youngblood says the party was open to non-Benedictine students too. “We just want everyone that comes to enjoy themselves,” he added.

The event is also serves as a fundraiser for BSU. “The first 50 [BenU] students get in for free,” shares Youngblood. Admission cost $3 for students and $5 for other guests. The money raised during the party will go towards costs for the BSU fashion show on April 29.

“I wish there were more events like this on campus,” shares senior Maraea Mason.

While attendance was lagging, guests had fun nonetheless.

“These types of things are awesome!” excited Mike Theriault. “It’s a fun thing to do on campus and allows students to socialize and have a good time together.”

“[Events like this] are fun! I just wish more people would come out,” commented Mason.

Throughout the night students commented on having more administratively approved parties like the party hosted by the BSU.

“These events offer a place for students to come and have good, clean fun,” said Theriault.