BenU staff prepares for emergencies

by Taylor Hoppe



A functional disaster preparedness exercise took place on Jan. 31 in Krasa ABC. The exercise involved representatives from Benedictine Police and several other organizations and was held in preparation for a live disaster exercise that will take place on BenU’s campus in March.

Lisle Police and Fire Department, DuPage County Office of Emergency Preparedness, Edwards Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, EERT and Emergency Preparedness were involved in the exercise.

“All together, the exercise incorporated approximately 40 people,” commented Chief of Police Michael Salatino.

Salatino says the exercises covered during the exercise involved a live shooter on campus, a chemical spill in Birk Hall and a scenario involving a number of shooters and a number of casualties.

“Today’s exercise went very well,” says Salatino.

According to Salatino, the University Police department has been participating in tabletop exercises involving various disaster-orientated scenarios that could take place at BenU for approximately a year and have participated in several functional exercises, like the one held in Krasa.

“The live exercise will challenge the Emergency Operations Center and allow us to tweak our plan more,” comments Salatino. “The exercise that took place today allowed us to get as close to the real thing as we could get before the live response in March.”