From the Sidelines: 2-1

by Tom Brown (STAFF WRITER), John Pierri (STAFF WRITER), Luke Stanczyk (SPORTS EDITOR).

1. Who will win the Super Bowl?

Tom Brown- I think that the Giants will win the Super Bowl. It seems as if this is a team of destiny right now, and the injury to Rob Gronkowski will only help the Giants.

John Pierri- I don’t see the Giants beating the Patriots again. The Pats defense is playing well of late, and Tom Brady will do whatever it takes to win his fourth Super Bowl.

Luke Stanczyk- It’s going to be another fantastic game, but I think the Giants win a close one. They are just a more balanced team, have a better defense, and Eli Manning and those WRs can exploit New England’s weak pass defense.

2. Is Phil Emery a good GM Hire for the Bears?

Tom Brown- I think that Phil Emery is a very good choice for the Bears new GM. He is familiar with the Bears Organization from his days as a scout from 1998-2004, and has shown that he is very good at evaluating talent.

John Pierri- Anyone is better than Jerry Angelo. Good luck, Mr. Emery. Chicago will be keeping a close eye on you.

Luke Stanczyk- I guess anyone is better than Jerry Angelo, and Emery has been has been a scout for teams that drafted some great players. However, I don’t trust Bears President and CEO Ted Phillips at making any football decision, and this was his hire.

3. Do the Hawks need to make any more moves before the Trade Deadline?

Tom Brown- I do not think that the Blackhawks need to make any changes before the trading deadline. I think the core that they have is good enough to make a deep run in the playoffs, and losing a role players from the team to get a big name may mess up the chemistry.

John Pierri- The Blackhawks still need some work defensively, so acquiring another defensemen will help give them depth.

Luke Stanczyk- Unless one on the game’s best goaltenders becomes available, I don’t think the Hawks should make any moves. Getting fully healthy will be like making a key addition anyways, and it should help them get over the top.