From the sidelines: Jan. 25

by Tom Brown (STAFF WRITER), John Pierri (STAFF WRITER), and Luke Stanczyk (SPORTS EDITOR)


1. What are your thoughts on the passing of Joe Paterno?

Tom Brown– Joe Paterno was and always will be an icon in not only college football, but sports in general. He put years of hard work and dedication into building a program, and what happened at the end of his career was very unfortunate and undeserved.

John Pierri- I think it’s terrible that his death had to be surrounded by so much negativity. Also, I think that the scandal is what eventually killed him. I feel for his family because now they have to deal with JoePa’s tarnished reputation.

Luke Stanczyk- While the scandal at Happy Valley gets even sicker with every new piece of information, it certainly is not right to celebrate a man’s death. He could have done more to stop what happened, but he also was responsible for helping countless student athletes and was the greatest college football coach in history because he did things the right way as far as we know.


2. Can the Bulls keep winning with all of their injuries?

Tom– Yes, I do believe the Bulls can keep winning despite being short-handed. CJ Watson would be a starting point guard on a lot of teams, Omer Asik is has played at a very high level this season, and players like Brian Scalabrine and Mike James are guys who may only play a few minutes when they are at full capacity, but understand how to play the game and help their team win when they are needed.

John– I feel that the Bulls have proved they can win even without key players. Unfortunately, they have had an easy schedule of late. As soon as their schedule gets tougher, they may be in trouble if Rose doesn’t get better.

Luke– The Bulls have the deepest team in the league, so losing Luol Deng and having a hobbled Derrick Rose may not hurt them as much as most teams. However, if players don’t start to heal up as planned, they may have trouble winning later in the season as veterans like Rip Hamilton and Carlos Boozer may have to log a ton of minutes.


3. Who is the best team in college basketball?

Tom– I think the best team in college basketball is the Kentucky Wildcats. They have a great combination of young raw athleticism combined with experience and maturity, and they have what it takes to go all the way.

John– Syracuse is undefeated at home and has only lost one game thus far. They are the best College Basketball team right now.

Luke– With Syracuse losing last week, I think the nod right now has to go to Kentucky. Anthony Davis might be the most exciting and most athletic player in the nation, and he’s only getting better each game. They are very young just like every other John Calipari coached team we have seen over the past decade, but I think this is his most talented one.