Founders’ Day Bash will celebrate BenU’s 125th anniversary

Benedictine University and establishment date etched on bricks located near front of University. Photo by Becca Flynn.

By: Therese Porod


On Thursday, March 1, students and Benedictine community members will celebrate the history and roots of the University during the Founders’ Day Bash. The Office of Stewardship will host the event for students in order to connect the past with the present and future of BenU.

“The Founders’ Day Bash will be a great way for all students to get involved and surround themselves with old and new Benedictine,” said freshman Mailani Burton.

During the Founders’ Day Bash, students will have the opportunity to go to Coal Ben for activities and receive memorabilia of Benedictine.

Although Benedictine University was founded on March 2, 1887, the Founders’ Day Bash is being hosted on March 1 in order to include as many students as possible in the celebration.

“We want to celebrate our 125 years and get the students involved as much as possible,” explained Jessica Stillo associate director for stewardship. All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to participate in the event. Some of the activities that will be taking place include trivia stations in both Kindlon and Krasa. The trivia includes information about the campus many years ago, such as, in 1909, it cost $80 for tuition, lodging and laundry for five months.

“For students, it’s interesting to reflect on what life on campus might have been like 125 years ago and of all the alumni that have come before you, and those generations that will come after you,” shared Stillo.  “It’s a great time to reflect on your time at Benedictine and the experiences you’ve had here.”

“I am interested in learning more about the Benedictine roots and history. Reflecting on my time here I have had a wonderful experience with school, athletics and friends, which will always be a major part of my college career,” stated Burton.

“As an alum, it is nice to have a celebration such as this to help connect the University with our history. This is also a great way to see how far the University has grown and prospered over the years,” said Elizabeth Skarr, alum and faculty member. “For me, it shows how much Benedictine University tasks pride in their history and engage all who have walked the campus.”