A gentle voice in the rain

By Noor Alawad

I received an e-mail from my friend recently who is currently studying and living in Syria (she has been doing so for a few years now). She is not Syrian, and is not even of Arab descent, which demonstrates that this issue is not a “Syrian issue” anymore, but a humanitarian one. I ask you all to keep her and the rest of the individuals in the Middle East fighting for justice and peace in your prayers. I’m going to keep her nameless for the sake of her own privacy.

Peace be upon you,

This email was just to inform you that my town was just attacked last night. We have no bread or rice at the moment and the phone lines and internet may be soon cut off. Many people are missing and many have been arrested. I myself am living at the moment with a few girls. We have been hearing sounds at night but it wasn’t until yesterday that people were fighting and beating each other up and breaking store windows. I ask of you all considering the current situation to pray for us. I ask for your forgiveness for everything. I love all of you for the sake of God and I ask us to be reunited in this life and if not then the hereafter. May God reward you for your kindness towards me and may he unite us and bring understanding between us. I look at the hardship which has befallen our beloved people as a test. May God choose the best for us and this country and protect us from the evil of this world.

May you all get a chance to come to this beautiful place and see the trust and peace these people experience every day of their simple lives. God gave these people truth and knowledge and clean hearts and God-willing it shall stay this way always. It sounds almost impossible but there are people like this and this is a big reason why I’ve come to love Syria. I’ve never met such amazing, truthful people.

I end this letter with this prayer: May God grant us the best in this life and the hereafter. Amen.

This short, personal letter is one of many voices escaping the bars of Syria. With 6,000+ innocent civilians dead and a ruthless dictator acting oblivious to his people’s calls for freedom, it is certainly beautiful to read such kind, hopeful words from one who has endured so much.

Please keep the people of Syria in your prayers.