Kiss FM DJ hosts welcome back toga party

Students clap for Kiss FM DJ Special K as he hosts the welcome back toga party. Photo courtesy of Rabya Khan.

By Claire Kositzky, Staff Writer

Benedictine University’s Programming Board hosted a toga party that featured DJ Special K from 103.5 KISS FM at Coal Ben to welcome students to the spring semester.

Special K played music for guests to enjoy while hosting dance competitions, raffles and other contests. Students won prizes such as Benedictine University spirit wear and concert tickets for the BenBash.

“The Welcome Back Party by Programming Board is always a fun way to see all of your friends after they’ve been gone for break,” shared President of Programming Board Leah Vercelli.

“I think that most students did not expect the party to be as fun as it was and that is why they had a great time. It was a great way to start off second semester,” explained freshman Justin Blankenship.

The theme of this party came from the 1978 movie “Animal House,” a popular movie in which a college fraternity hosts a toga party.  While some students did not show up in togas due to the cold weather, many enjoyed the event with or without a toga.

“I felt bad that students did not show in togas because Programming Board worked really hard to promote the theme. With togas or no togas, it was still a fabulous event. They did a fantastic job!” said freshman Meghan Novak.

Some students agreed that BenU should have more events like this on the weekend.

“It was really fun and better than I expected it to be. They should definitely do more events like that. The turnout was amazing!” said freshman Mary Severado.

Special K also announced that Cobra Starship will be playing at the BenBash concert this year.

“It’s an honor to be here at [BenU] to announce that Cobra Starship will be at BenBash in April. They are a huge artist and this is just a fantastic thing for your school,” enthused Special K. “It has been a lot of fun partying here with all you students. I’m excited to come back here in April and see you all again!”

Deborah Smith, who is in charge of University events, was responsible for bringing this guest to BenU.

“In the fall, we were able to get Plain White T’s, which was really cool. Now, we were able to get an even bigger band for the spring, Cobra Starship. It will definitely be something students and faculty will not want to miss!” Smith added.