BenU police officers recognized

BenU police officers recognized for outstanding traffic efforts and other driving enforcement. Photo courtesy of


Four Benedictine University Police Officers have been recognized for their services at BenU.

“This is the first actual Chief’s Recognition for outstanding service,” commented Benedictine University Police Chief Michael Salatino.

“We wanted to let the community know what officers are doing and wanted to publicly acknowledge them,” Salatino added.

Officer Mark Vanderploeg and Officer Dave Tinsley were recognized for their enforcement efforts in 2011. Officer Lloyd Popp was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and Sergeant Paul Creekmore was recently promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief.

The officers were recognized by the quality and discretion of their enforcement. “Both [Vanderploeg and Tinsley] tried to turn their enforcement into learning experiences,” Salatino said.

“I was recognized for my outstanding traffic efforts on College Rd. and Maple Ave. I was able to make several DUI and drug arrests,” added Vanderploeg. “I was also recognized for speed enforcement.”

“The University has jurisdiction anywhere in the county where the University is located, owns or controls property or has interests,” explained Salatino. “While other officers are also involved in enforcement, [Vanderploeg] has set the benchmark.”

Tinsley was recognized for his traffic safety enforcement efforts. According to Salatino, “[Tinsley] focused on seatbelt compliance and safety and child safety seat use.”

Both Salatino and Creekmore recognized Vanderploeg and Tisley for their traffic safety initiatives in 2011.

“We’re very proud of their activities,” said Salatino.

Sergeant Paul Creekmore was promoted to Deputy Chief effective January 1.

“The position of Deputy Chief was created to focus the direction of all [four] police shifts and share in administrative responsibility,” explained Creekmore.

As Deputy Chief, Salatino explained that Creekmore’s responsibility will be to work with him to perform the daily operations of the University Police Department in order to enhance administrative capabilities.

“Working at Benedictine University has been a great experience,” added Creekmore. “It has helped me grow, both as a person and as a professional.”

The promotion of Creekmore left an open Sergeant position open, which was filled by Popp.

“[Popp] is the first person we thought of,” explained Salatino when discussing who would fill the position.

Salatino says Popp’s philosophy of reaching out to the community in an attempt to make























everything a learning experience will be a benefit to his shift.

“Every shift and almost every officer brings a different skill set. I couldn’t be more pleased with the selection of the officers we have and the volume of work they put out,” enthused Salatino.