Track and Field gears up for upcoming season

Sophomore Tyler Monahan runs around the track during Saturday's practice. Photo by Luke Stanczyk.

by Luke Stanczyk


With the start of the indoor track and field season coming this week, practices and workouts in the Dan and Ada Rice Center are well underway.

Both the men’s and women’s sides are holding themselves to high expectations, despite losing some key members.  The loss of familiar faces on the men’s side is noticeable, as gone is school 400 meter record holder Dylan Roff.

“We’ve got quite a few new faces,” said coach James Kluckhohn.  “We lost some leaders and some seniors {from} last year, so we’re trying to find some new people that are going to step up in those roles.”

Kluckhohn mentioned sophomore Rob Miller, sophomore Adam Chocola, junior Andrew Grzynwa, junior Danny Graham, and junior Nick McCord as potential leaders of this year’s team.

“Those guys have shown leadership over the years, but have to take a little be more this year to help us out,” Kluckhohn explained.

While Kluckhohn pointed out distance and throwing as potential strong points of the team, the new faces may allow them to be strong across the board.

“We should be a pretty balanced team, Kluckhohn stated. “We should have people contributing in all areas.”

Despite the newer faces, the team is still holding themselves to high expectations.

“We were a really close third [in conference] last year, both indoors and outdoors, and I think we can do as well, if not better, this year.”

Coach Kluckhohn tests his runners on their core strength during Saturday's practice. Photo taken by Luke Stanczyk.

On the women’s side, many of the members from last year’s team return. After finishing seventh in the conference outdoors last year, improvements are expected.

“I see us taking a nice step forward,” said Kluckhohn. “We were a growing, younger program last year. I see us taking some really big steps forward and being a team that can compete with anyone in the conference.”

Team leaders on the women’s side are senior Megan Kunesh, senior Clare Lopez-Kaley, junior Sandara Taylor and senior Danielle Smith. Also, Kluckhohn believes that freshman Morgan Bartlett can be a major factor this year.

“We’ve found a freshman in Morgan Bartlett who has stepped up and done some great things for us [in practice]. “

Like the men’s team, the women also figured to be a balanced bunch.

“We’ve got younger people, so it is a bit unknown in some areas,” said Kluckhohn. “I feel that we will be pretty balanced as well, as we don’t have any major holes unless we lose some people.”