From the sidelines: Jan. 17

by Luke Stanczyk (SPORTS EDITOR), Tom Brown (STAFF WRITER), and John Pierri (STAFF WRITER)

Staff Writer John Pierri


1. How do you think the Bulls will end up this season?

Tom Brown– Staff Writer- I think the Bulls are the team to beat out of the East. Their experience against Miami last year and the addition of Rip Hamilton are both things that will help them tremendously. Anything less than a finals appearance is a disappointment.

John Pierri– Staff Writer- The Bulls seem to be clicking on all cylinders right now. Assuming everyone stays healthy, I see this team contending for a championship.

Luke Stanczyk– Sports Editor- Anything less than a Finals appearance is a failure for this team, and Miami is going to be tough to get past. If Rip Hamilton can stay healthy and is at full-strength during the postseason, they can get past the Heat.

Staff Writer Tom Brown



2. Will the Hawks snap out of their recent struggles?


Tom Brown– I think the Hawks will for sure snap out of it. They are one of the elite teams, and like many teams do throughout the season, they hit a speed bump. With their experience and leadership they will be fine.

John Pierri– After a heart-breaking, overtime loss to rival Detroit, the Hawkshave bounced back against Columbus and Minnesota with convincing wins. Look for the Hawks to get back to their winning ways.

Luke Stanczyk– They have already begun to snap out of it, winning their last two contests. They are too talented of a team to stay in a prolonged slump.

Sports Editor Luke Stanczyk


3. Is Mike Tice the right guy for the Bears Offensive Coordinator job?


Tom Brown– Yes. Having him will help Jay Cutler because Tice has already been on the coaching staff and will run an offense that is not so much different than the one they ran this season, except with a bit more emphasizes on the run game.

John Pierri– Mike Tice did a good job with the patchwork offensive line this season and he deserves a chance to work with the offense. He may not be the right man for the job, but he is definitely cheaper and knows the offense.

Luke Stanczyk– Right guy? I’m not sure, but it does make sense. Jay Cutler and the rest of the offense won’t have to adjust as much since he was already on staff, and Tice understands the deficiencies of the line more than anyone.