Student Senate aims to be the voice of the students

By Taylor Hoppe Assistant News Editor

We’ve all seen them, the Student Senators in yellow shirts, sitting at tables across campus asking what suggestions or concerns students have. But what do Student Senators do?

According Joan Henehan, the faculty advisor of Student Senate and director of student engagement and leadership development, the mission of Student Senate is to be the voice of the student body. Henehan explains, “The mission [statement] is ‘if you will be our eyes and ears, we will be your voice.’” Student Senators are meant to be the vehicle between the student body and the administration.

Benedictine’s Student Senate is comprised of 36 total members. “Each college is represented by four people and then we have two international senators, two athletic senators, two resident hall senators and four commuter senators,” says Henehan.

In order for students to be elected to the Executive Board of Student Senate, they are required to have some experience serving on Student Senate. “President and vice president have to be on [Student Senate] for a year and in order to run for secretary and treasurer, students have to be on for at least half a year,” commented Student Senate Treasurer Paul Nguyen.

Student Senate offers “Office Hours” for students. This is when they work at tables around campus taking suggestions from students about what they would like to see changed.

“Students that have concerns on campus can go to our office hours and suggest things we could resolve. Then we take those issues and concerns and bring it to the administration,” said Nguyen.

Nguyen said although many students do participate in Student Senate’s Office Hours, he would like to see some improvement. “I would like for people to come up more often during our Office Hours. We want people to come up to us, not just bypass us.”

“I think there could be alternative options that can be taken in order to get the same results,” commented senior Brittany Wolski. “I’m not sure if ‘Office Hours’ are really effective.”