Letter to the editor

Dear Samantha and Eman:

A letter was submitted last week in response to the editorial of Justice Needed in Benedictine.  I would like to re-emphasize that inappropriate actions are addressed and the University Police and Student Life staff make every effort in finding resolution to educate our community members.  The staff have been given a great responsibility to evaluate and determine proper decisions for our community.  The Candor has reported inappropriate instances of behavior including the Spirit Rock defacing, physical altercations, underage drinking, etc.  Vandalism and hateful behaviors are wrong and will not be tolerated in our community.  We were required to paint the rock and suspend the usage by student groups because the actions of individuals.  From the training and experience of the staff, they make every effort to prevent, educate and improve behavior of our community members.  The highlights of my career are seeing students change after being given the opportunity to learn, give back and mature.  We will continue to be vigilant in addressing improper behavior as we take proactive steps in prevention.

Marco Masini

Associate Vice President for Student Life

Benedictine University

Off: 630-829-6006