Editorial: the time has come

The time has come. The time when anxieties build, emotions burst, hands tremble. The time when make-or-break finals close in, when IDEA surveys explode our inbox, when all-nighters become the new trend. The end of the semester.

Alas, it is the end of the semester, and in one week, the beginning of our month-long holiday break. With such tension in the air, it is perfectly understandable that everyone wants to spend this break returning home, relaxing, ice-skating in downtown, and opening holiday presents.

The Candor encourages you to keep your held up high, stay focused, and don’t give up when it matters most. You’ve been working all semester to attain your desired grade; don’t let loose now that you’re burned out. It’s not worth it. A few hours of chilling or blatantly procrastinating a final essay will come back in the form of regret, guilt, and frustration. If you’re not sure what to expect on your finals, make sure you meet with your professors; it will only benefit you in the end. If you’re borderline letter grades in a certain class, prioritize that class over others. And most importantly, make sure you get lots of sleep. It may seem like you have no time at all for a few hours, but sleep is vital for a functioning brain.

The Candor would also like to provide a few words of advice with regards to the approaching holidays. With everyone’s burning desire to simply relax, the excitement of holiday shopping, the serenity of Christmas Eve, and the suspense of the upcoming break, it is quite easy to forget to give back- give back not only to the community, but to your family, to your parents.

Celebrating the holidays this year should revolve around the people you love most, as well as the people who may be in need of some compassion.

This year, instead of treating yourself to $200 leather boots or an iPhone 4, donate that money to the Salvation Army and treat a child less fortunate than you. This year, instead of spending your night partying on Christmas Eve, spend your night volunteering at a food pantry and serve Christmas dinner to those less fortunate than you. This year, instead of expecting something from your parents, surprise them with a gift of your own.

Ultimately, come back next semester, not only refreshed for classes, but with the knowledge that you contributed to the happiness in someone else’s life this holiday season. Whether it be through gifts, service, or a simple smile and hug, make an impact in someone’s life, no matter how small, and you’ll come to realize that it will, in turn, have a larger impact on you.

Good luck on finals and happy holidays!