From the Sidelines: 12-7

by Luke Stanczyk (SPORTS EDITOR), John Pierri (STAFF WRITER), and Tom Brown (STAFF WRITER)

Staff Writer Tom Brown

Question 1- Who will be the Bulls starting Shooting Guard? Someone on the current roster or someone from the outside?

Tom Brown- Staff Writer- I think the Bulls starting shooting guard next year will be Caron Butler. There is mutual interest between the two teams and he has proven over the years that he can not only score, but create his own shot, which is something the Bulls are looking for.

John Pierri-Staff Writer- Reins



Staff Writer John Pierri

dorf said he’d be willing to spend money, so look for him to find someone in free agency or maybe a trade.

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor- While I would not expect the Bulls to sign Jason Richardson or Jamal Crawford because the money is not there, Caron Butler or Josh Howards are affordable options that would be an upgrade over Keith Bogans.


Question 2- Will the Cubs sign Albert Pujols?

Tom Brown- Staff Writer- I do not think the Cubs will sign Pujols. I just can’t see him leaving St. Louis. The cubs are more likely to land Prince Fielder than Pujols.

John Pierri- Staff Writer- I don’t think this will happen. The Cubs contacted Pujols, but in the end, he is asking too much for his age.

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor- While they are in the running for him, I think Albert ultimately takes a slight discount to stay in St. Louis.

Sports Editor Luke Stanczyk

Question 3- What do you think of Ndamukong Suh’s suspension? Was two games enough, too much, or too little?

Tom Brown- Staff Writer- I think two games was the perfect length for Ndamukong Suh’s suspension. In the NFL it’s almost unheard of to be suspended more than one game, and if you compare his incident to the one that got Albert Haynesworth a five game suspension, it’s obvioust hat Haynesworth’s was a lot worse.

John Pierri- Staff Writer- They should have suspended him longer. He has a history now of illegal play, and the punishment should have been more severe.

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor- I think two games was the right length. He obviously is a dirty player though, and honestly, I think he needs some anger management help. He is the Carlos Zambrano of the NFL.