Top five things to do over break

By Tarik Hrvo


With finals exams right around the corner, one cannot help but think about winter break: that four-week period of peace and relaxation where you can finally forget about tests, papers, and just school in general. It’s what every college student looks forward to this time of year. Instead of laying around at home like a bum as usual, we should all try to be productive with the time were being given. Here are the top five things to do during winter break:

  1. Take a vacation. The most appealing of the choices by far. After finals are through, you’re probably at your boiling point in terms of stress, so if you have the money, why not relieve the stress and treat yourself to a nice vacation? If you’re like me, you prefer going somewhere tropical. Cancun, Miami, and the Bahamas are top choices for most college students.
  2. Get a job. Some people prefer to relax during their break, but there are those people who would rather be making money rather than spending it. If you’re one of those people, why not get a job and load up on the hours? If you don’t have money to go somewhere this winter break, this could be a way for you to save up and go somewhere during your summer break.
  3. Hit the gym. For a lot of students, the workload they have during the school year doesn’t leave them much time for anything else, like going to the gym.  Now that you have a whole month to yourself, sign up to your local gym and get in shape. Setting and reaching your goals in the gym will make you feel great once you come back to school.
  4. Volunteer. If you really want to help and make a difference in peoples’ lives, you should strongly look into volunteering somewhere. You could volunteer at hospitals, soup kitchens, churches, nursing homes, basically anywhere. You may not get paid for it but what you get out of it will be more valuable than money can do. It’s also a plus for any students looking to go into the medical field. If you are Pre-med, going to volunteer at hospitals or nursing homes can greatly increase your chance of being accepted to a medical school once you graduate college. Medical schools like to see how committed you are and expect you to have knowledge of what work is like in a hospital once you apply. In this case, volunteering could only benefit you and would be a wise choice.
  5. Study for MCAT/PCAT/GRE, whatever. Obviously the least appealing of the choices here, but definitely a priority for students planning to basically any graduate school. These tests are taken by college students to get into their desired schools after undergraduate years. Most students have too heavy a workload to add in studying for these during the semester, so with the tests coming up in the spring, their only option is to study during winter break. It may not be your top choice of things to do but it is something that will affect your whole future so studying for these is a must.