Drug use and the “common” user

By Kiran Munir


Ever since middle school, we were drilled with the whole spiel that “drugs are bad for you” and repeatedly informed of all the lethal diseases that can form due to the drug addiction.  Heck I think we were bombarded with anti-smoking campaigns back in 5th grade when the D.AR.E people would come and talk to us every week.

Wow, now that I think about it, even BenU has Adolescent Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP) which does presentations at various middle schools to inform the teens about the harmful side effects of various drugs. The group even brings along healthy and damaged organs due to drug use to illustrate their point.

All this effort is taken to prevent our future generations to fall prey to harmful drugs. Nevertheless, I remember some of my peers falling victim (as early as 6th grade) by thinking “oh I just want to try”, but guess what; that one experience makes you much more likely to continue trying the drug and eventually become a drug addict.

Couple of days ago I came across and article online which revealed a study conducted by

British Cohort Study which indicates that drug use is correlated with high IQ. (11-15-’11. Smarter Kids More Likely to Try Illicit Drugs as Adults. HealthDay New) According to the study, “highly intelligent people are often open to new experiences and embrace novelty and stimulation”.

Let’s think about this statement.

Are you the type of person who gets it all with ease? Does that leave you bored? If you are not that type of a person, you probably know someone like that who does has vast free time simply because their brains absorb information quickly.

Although the study did not mention this, I have observed that students who do turn to drugs are students who excel in academics and the ones that don’t. Drug usage does not discriminate, though the reasons for doing so may vary.  The “smart” kids attempt drugs to add excitement to their life, but the kids who are not doing so well may turn to drugs to escape the stress and pressure.

Regardless of the reasons for turning to such substances, the person is not wise.  You can be smart, but not wise. Just because you have extra time and looking for some extra fun or a feeling of ecstasy, doesn’t mean you should turn to drugs—get in a car with your friends and go to six flags or just watch a thriller movie! If you feel yourself buckling under stress and pressure, then go to a counselor of a close friend for advice.

Under no circumstances is it okay to turn to drugs whether it be to eliminate your boredom or run away from stress and frustration.  Putting these drugs into your body harms you regardless of what drug you consider to be “safe”.  It is not safe!!! And since when is harming your body considered okay?

So the next time you go out with your friends to have some fun by smoking “weed” think twice about the damage you are doing to your body—permanent damage.