Famine Sweeps Across Africa

By Syeda Khan

Many of innocent lives are being taken from the famine across Africa. According to the United Nations World Food Programme, more than 38 million Africans are living under the threat of starvation. The famine that originally started out in the southern portion of Africa has now spread to the central and western regions of Africa.

According to, the difficult weather conditions that are still persisting in Africa aren’t helping with a healthy harvest, which is causing a rise in food prices.

Syeda Khan, Guest Writer

On top of all that, the political conflict is making the whole famine situation even more difficult. Over 6.7 million people are affected by the famine in Zimbabwe, says Though the drought has been one of the primary causes for the famine political tension and the controversial land reform policy by the government have also created problems, also reports

The drought has brought lots of diseases to refugee camps. According to, the new arrivals that are coming to the refugee camps in Somalia have brought various diseases, one of which is Cholera; at Dadbaad camp at least one person has died from the disease, while 60 new cases of Cholera have now developed.

With the famine impacting Africa so strongly, one might wonder if there is anything being done to help out the millions in need who are suffering right now.

The answer is yes. According to, many organizations such as Save the Children and Action against Hunger are providing life saving medical treatments and getting clean water to communities in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. UNICEF is also providing therapeutic treatment to the women and children who are malnourished as well as vaccinations, and clean drinking water.

Even at Benedictine, various student organizations such as Rotaract are taking part in helping to fight the famine. The Rotaract club is hosting a charity basketball event on Saturday at the Oak Brook Park District proceeds will be donated to Zakat Foundation to help people who are suffering from the famine in the Horn of Africa.

With all this help provided by various organizations, even people like us can help out the people in Africa. Have a bake sale, start a food drive, or even host a car wash. Small things like can help save lives and future generations in Africa.

It is important that we get involved with this cause. We are all human beings and everyone should have access to food, clean water and vaccinations. Put yourselves in their shoes, think about what these people have to go through and
about what you would hope others would do to give back.