From the Sidelines: November 30th

by Luke Stanczyk (SPORTS EDITOR), Tom Brown (STAFF WRITER), Jessica Carrillo (STAFF WRITER) and Tom Brown (STAFF WRITER)


Question #1- Can the Bears make the Playoffs with Caleb Hanie at QB?


Tom Brown, Staff Writer

Tom Brown- Staff Writer- I think that the Bears can still make the playoffs with Hanie. Even though he made some mistakes against the Raiders, he also showed some promise. That, combined with the Bears soft schedule the rest of the way, should be enough for the Bears to get a wild card spot.

Jessica Carrillo- Staff Writer- It depends on his performance in the next game. I can understand if Hanie had first game jitters because the pressure was on. If he delivers next game, they’ll make the playoffs.

John Pierri- Staff Writer- He showed against Oakland that he is still young and makes youthful mistakes, but I don’t know whether to blame the turnovers on Hanie or Mike Martz due to the questionable playcalling. Anyways, Hanie also showed that he can make people miss, scramble out of trouble and even gain yards. As long as he can cut down on turnovers, he can be a winning quarterback and help lead them to the playoffs.

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor- Yes, because they have an easy schedule ahead. Can they win a playoff game with Hanie? No, but they can definitely get there given they have Seattle, Kansas City, and Minnesota all left on their schedule.


Question #2- Will the Packers lose a game this season?

Jessica Carrillo, Staff Writer

Tom Brown- Staff Writer- I do think the Packers will lose at some point this year. Once it gets down to the last few the weeks, they will have nothing left to play for other than 16-0, and the smart thing to do would be to rest their starters and risk losing a game or two.

Jessica Carrillo- Staff Writer- The Packers will lose to the Bears on Christmas Day. If not, they will still manage to fall short in at least one upcoming game.

John Pierri- Staff Writer- Unfortunately, it is hard to see the Packers losing. They seem to be clicking in every way. Their only week spot seems to be their defense and considering they continue scoring 30 points a game, they can overcome that.

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor- Now that Cutler is out, I cannot see Green Bay losing to anyone this regular season. However, I think they will lose their first game at some point in January. That’s just a ton of games to win in a row dating back to last season.


Question #3- How will the Blackhawks end up this season?

John Pierri, Staff Writer

Tom Brown- Staff Writer- I think the Blackhawks will be a top seed for the playoffs this season. They have both the

talent and the experience to be an elite team in the NHL.

Jessica Carrillo- Staff Writer- I think the Blackhawks will be a playoff team barring injury, but I do not think they will go very far. The lines are inconsistent and both goalies haven’t had the best seasons so far.

John Pierri- Staff Writer-  I think the Blackhawks have the talent to be a successful team this year and definitely a playoff contender. Despite their 3-3 circus trip, i feel that the Hawks are becoming a powerhouse with stars like Toews, Kane, Hossa, and Sharp. The additions of big men like John Scott and Daniel Carcillo adds a physical presence that the Hawks haven’t had since Byfuglien.

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor- Even though they are currently struggling, I think they will be at least in the Conference Finals when it is all said and done. There is just too much talent on that team and Joel Quenneville is too good of a coach to let it go to waste.

Sports Editor Luke Stanczyk