Editorial: Remembering to give thanks this year

By Samantha Jones


As the leaves continue to fall and we scramble to gather all of the trimmings for Thanksgiving dinner, it’s hard to handle all of the stress. Department stores are bombarding us with ads for Black Friday- because it’s so necessary to open them on Thanksgiving, right? Between the anxiety of pulling together a delicious meal, cleaning the house for family to arrive and planning holiday shopping, it’s hard to remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Let’s start with the history of the holiday. It’s a day of remembrance for  a dinner celebrated between the Plymouth colonists and the Native Americans who inhabited our country back in the 17th century. This day signifies the true start of the holiday season, but it’s often
forgotten among the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas, Chanukah and other holidays.

This is a major sign or our society today. We are so consumed by the constant treadmill we run on, constantly chasing our dreams and fulfilling all of our responsibilities. Instead of letting this special day pass by without and significance, make a change.

Take a stand with The Candor. We’re going to take back Thanksgiving and make it one to remember. As the university closes down for the holiday weekend, take this as your opportunity to take a break from life. We all need time to recharge, especially as finals approach, and this is your chance.

Life is short. Many of us have learned this the hard way, but it’s easy to forget. Use this day as your opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. Concentrate on strengthening bonds with loved ones, instead of planning your shopping list for Friday.

It’s no lie that food plays a key role in Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t love an excuse to pig out all day? You can’t pass that up! But don’t fret about making the meal perfect. Whether you’re the next Rachael Ray, or you don’t even know how to work the oven, don’t let high expectations consume you. If the food isn’t perfect, everything will be fine. Life goes on. Load up on those mashed potatoes and if something falls through, there’s always frozen pizza. You’ll get even more laughs with pizza anyway.

Thanksgiving is also the perfect opportunity to give back. There are so many people in the world, even in areas close to BenU, that need help this year. The economy has hit even more families, increasing the amount of people who look to food pantries and soup kitchens during the holiday season. Volunteer at a local charity and give back. Visit with a neighbor who doesn’t seem to be very social. Reach out to that girl down the hall who keeps to herself. Changing the world can start with you. It’s not hard. Just take a step out of your comfort zone and give back.

Enjoy every moment of your Thanksgiving this year. Laugh with the special people in your life and cherish the memories you create. Focus on every moment in the day and don’t fret about your responsibilities. Take the day off and concentrate on giving thanks this Thursday.