Black friday madness: tips and tricks to succeeding

By Sarah Jaber


It’s that time of year again. With Thanksgiving approaching this Thursday, it’s important to plan early if you want to take advantage of Black Friday this year. In fact, some retailers are already announcing huge discounts and possibly turning Thanksgiving evening into “Late Black Thursday”.

So how big will the shopping be this season? Well, the National Retail Federation forecasts a spending of $465 billion dollars. So what’s the big deal? (Or the good deal I should say).

Black Friday marks the beginning of the busy holiday shopping where thousands of stores open very early, often 4 a.m., and offer promotional sales to kick off the season. It may sound intimidating that there are deals in every store and that people are staying late to catch the best ones, but there are things even the simplest shopper can do to catch the best deals this Friday.

Research and planning ahead is a must. It’s also important to figure out exactly what you want before you leave the house that Friday. If you go out expecting to just buy something cheap, it most likely won’t be anything you will use again. To plan ahead, look at the ads on your weekly newspaper, listen to deals on the radio, or check out the offers presented online. The last option may be more overwhelming, so here are the sites I would recommend:

After picking out which items you want to buy, usually the next steps are easier but will require some of your hours of sleep. Timing is everything when it comes to Black Friday. So find the store which fits when you plan on going. There are midnight deals and early bird deals. If you plan on attending more than one store, arrange the stores by opening time, from earliest to latest.

Only minor additional preparations are needed. Some stores require that you bring the ad showing the product advertised for less in order to give you the deal. Along with any ads you can find in your newspaper, printing online offers may also be useful. Not many stores meet Internet prices, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

On the day of Black Friday, call up some of your friends and go as a group. In doing so, you could split up and take advantage of the deals in more than one store. Another trick is downloading some of the department store apps from the App store. These apps may help you find deals as you move through the store. Some apps can even scan QR bar codes and give you a review of the product.

My last advice on everything is to stay safe. There have been many accidents on Black Friday and getting hurt for a deal is not worth it. Try and have fun! Enjoy your time with family and friends as you find those great deals. Deal?