The Lost Value of Marriage in America

By Maraea Mason


Just decades ago, our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even some cousins were preparing to walk down the aisle and marry the loves of their lives. Some wrote their own vows and others stuck to the traditional script similar to the following: ‘with this ring, I thee wed, to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, through sickness and in health. Till death do us part.’

We read in the magazines and newspapers of older couples celebrating their matrimony for 30, 40 and 50 years. So what has happened? Now a day, we can’t turn the television on without hearing of someone’s divorce. Celebrity couples have taken marriage to an all time low, devaluing the entire meaning of what it means to be married.

Divorce is a very serious matter that can sometimes take families through hell and back but celebrities are divorcing their significant others faster than they purchase a new Louis Vutton or Fendi bag. The most recent celebrity divorce that has the tabloids and other media outlets’ attention is one between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Reporters speculate that it was a publicity stunt and members of the Benedictine Community agree.

“People don’t take marriage seriously any more. They don’t respect the covenant,” comments senior Kim Williams. “I think they [Kardashian and Humphries], did it as a publicity stunt.”

“I think Kim Kardashian did it for the money. Her show probably got more money for airing the wedding on television,” expressed junior Ashley Shall.

The Kardashian-Humphries split is just one of numerous celebrity divorces that get aired in the media. How these people devalue their relationships give us the viewers an idea of their overall characters.

“All of the celebrity divorces haven’t discouraged me from wanting to get married necessarily but it just shows you where the mindset of the celebrities is. They aren’t taking it seriously anymore. I would never want to marry someone who thought divorce was an option,” said senior Deidra Durham.

Carol Agomo, assistant to the dean of the College of Science states in her opinion what marriage means, “To be married means to share a life with somebody. People don’t hold marriage to the value and standard that they should and that’s a big issue. Marriage is commitment to God and between a man and woman.”

Love should be about working through the good and the bad. When you decide to have a relationship with someone you should always try to make it work with each day. When you decide to marry someone, you are agreeing that you accept that person flaws and all and are will to work out the problems.