Thanksgiving dinner express

By Nimeh Abualleil

Staff Writer

Students fill their plates with turkey during the annual Thanksgiving dinner. Photo by Paige McLaughlin


Every year around the time of Thanksgiving, hundreds of Benedictine University students gather with joyous hearts and empty stomachs for the one and only BenU Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Students and even families always look forward to this with anticipation and high expectations. No worry, Benedictine University meets and even exceeds these eager expectations every year. If you attended the dinner, I am sure you would agree when I say: it was a splendid experience! If you did not attend this amazing dinner, fret not! I am about to take you on a journey of my experience…

You are about to enter the doors of Krasa Center, as the scents of Thanksgiving dinner overcomes the atmosphere and embraces you with open arms. Your mouth begins to salivate and your stomach starts to growl as you slowly make your way up to the dining hall. You patiently stand in the endless line of people who are waiting to be seated. You keep reminding yourself, “I’m almost there!” It is finally your turn; you pay your entrance fee and find a seat. Looking around the room, you cannot help but notice the striking decor. Fall colors consisting of different shades of red, orange, and yellow are used to beautify the dining hall and make the atmosphere welcoming. Students, family, and friends are all seated amongst one another conversing, sharing warm smiles, and laughing. You get out of your seat, make your way to the buffet line, and grab a plate. You are overcome by the wide array of salads. Macaroni salad, Waldorf salad, chopped salad, and even Jell-o salad are set out for you to select from. The decision is hard, but you choose the Waldorf salad- I mean who could resist the crisp, sugary salad made of apples, raisins, celery, and walnuts. You are then greeted by several platters of veggies, crackers, cheese and deli meat. Next in line you approach the sweet, yellow corn and mashed potatoes. Of course you cannot forget the cranberry sauce, yams, and only the second best part of Thanksgiving dinner- the stuffing! What is number one on the Thanksgiving dinner list you may ask? Well, the turkey of course!! The savory, tender meat almost melts in your mouth. Benedictine University is also known to offer a wide selection of meats, including halal turkey and ham. You walk back to your table happily with your heavy plate filled with an assortment of food and a smile on your face. After all, who wouldn’t be smiling about sharing a delicious meal with bunch of great people! Don’t forget, there is always room for dessert. A vast array of pies awaits you. Bon appétit!

You are now back from your journey to the BenU Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.  Please remove the napkin from your lap and make your to the exit. Have a wonderful evening, and don’t forget to join us next time on the Thanksgiving Dinner Express!