The Candor

Pompei delights

By Rich Helmin

Staff Writer

Pompei has finally made its way to the Orland Park area last September. Now instead of going all the way to Taylor Street, people can enjoy a nice homemade Italian style dinner without having to go through heavy traffic to the city.

Pompei offers many different varieties of foods that can satisfy any customer such as appetizers, homemade soup, fresh salad, hand rolled pizza, hand rolled pizza strudels, homemade pasta, Italian sandwiches and desserts from scratch. The freshness of the food makes you feel as if you’re at your grandma’s house!

You can enjoy Pompei at your very own home as well. Whether you are having a special event or a birthday party, you can get homemade Italian food sent directly to wherever you are having your event. According to, you can download a catering menu when you are looking for what you need to order for the event.

Pompei also has banquet rooms that are set up for private dining. The food choices can go anywhere from family style to buffets and cocktail parties. With going to your nearest Pompei location, you can set up your event by working with a member of the staff.

Orland Park’s location is a little bit different then the one on Taylor Street because instead of going up to place your order, the customer orders right from their table. It brings something new to the returning customers from the old location.

It’s a nice little place for guys to take their girl out on a dinner date. It has a nice Italian romantic setting for any couple to enjoy. If you’re 21, have a glass of wine to go with your meal!

Pompei is located at 8801 W. 143rd St. Orland Park, Ill 60462. If you have any questions about the menu or booking a banquet, call (708)-403-8900.