International Fashion Shower Teaser

By: Claire Kositzky


Students model ethnic clothing during fashion show teaser at Krasa. Photo by Caitlin Bettisworth


A mini fashion show was held during lunch hour in honor of International Education Week last Tuesday. It was a preview of what will be showcased at the International Fashion show held in March.

The teaser showcased different fashions from the Chinese, Pakistani and African cultures.

The International Office sponsors the fashion show and Daphne Francois has been in charge of the International Fashion show for five years.

“This was our first year hosting a teaser for the fashion show. We thought that holding the show during the lunch hour would be a great way for students and faculty who eat in Krasa to see what the show is all about,” said Francois.

The Chinese fashion modeled the cheongsam in a fiery red color. This particular red symbolizes happiness. Another fashion type of fashion modeled was the traditional wedding garb. The garb had long, yellow fringe at the cuff of the sleeves. The garb was red. It looked like your typical graduation gown.

The Pakistani culture featured the traditional dress of Pakistan called the kameez. The kameez traditional dress was featured in silver. The kameez had black and pink detail along with some beading and fringe sewed on in different areas. Loose pants are worn with light sequins on the side. For the male, kameez was featured in navy blue with white pants.

For women, a shawl can be placed on over your head. Kameez’s are worn for everyday wear like going to work or can be worn for special occasions. Usually kameez’s with lots of beading are for special occasions.

African culture modeled agbada, the traditional garb of the Nigerian culture. The agbada is worn for special occasions. Another outfit modeled at the fashion show was the dashiki. This outfit is worn six to nine months after a baby is born or for special occasions.

“It was an amazing experience modeling in the show. It was something different being in this,” said freshman model Quintin Smith.

Benedictine University hosts International Week every year. Throughout the week, different events are held in celebration of the week. The fashion show has become such a popular event that they moved the event into the spring semester so they would have more time. The fashion show features different cultures each year.

“The show was awesome. It gave a great look on other cultures fashion. Great way to learn while still having fun,” said alumnus Rana Aldaw.