From the Sidelines: 11-21

by Luke Stanczyk (SPORTS EDITOR), Tom Brown (STAFF WRITER), John Pierri (STAFF WRITER), and Jessica Carrillo (STAFF WRITER)

Question #1- Will the NBA have any games this season?

Tom Brown, Staff Writer

Tom Brown: Staff Writer- I think that there will be some sort of NBA season this year and that the players will finally come terms that making a little less money is better than making no money at all and not having a job.

Jessica Carrillo: Staff Writer-Unfortunately, the way the off-season has beengoing, it doesn’t look like any games will be played. It’s sad that all of these players and owners can’t agree on terms for the game they love and get paid to play.


John Pierri: Staff Writer- I don’t see basketball being played this season. The players and owners are much farther apart than the NFL was. Considering the players have declined the owner’s previous offers, it doesn’t seem like things will work out.

Luke Stanczyk: Sports Editor- For a while I did, but now that the players are taking the battle to the court system, things are becoming too personal. I think this will now drag on too long, canceling the season.


Question #2- Who is the NFL MVP?

Jessica Carrillo, Staff Writer

Tom- Without a doubt, it’s Aaron Rodgers. He is playing the quarterback position as good if not better than Brady did when the Pats went undefeated.

Jessica- The NFL has quite a few potential MVP candidates. As much as I don’t want to admit it, Aaron Rogers has been unstoppable this season and can very well carry his team deep into the playoffs, hopefully not getting past the Bears though.

John- Unfortunately Bears fans, this goes to Aaron Rodgers. He is just too good and has too many weapons at his disposal.

Luke- Aaron Rodgers is playing the best quarterback I’ve ever seen anyone play. Matt Forte is definitely second, but no way you can put anyone ahead of Rodgers.


Question #3- Will Mark Buehrle re-sign with the White Sox?

John Pierri, Staff Writer

Tom- I do not think Buehrle will re-sign with the Sox. They have too much money tied up in too many bad contracts, and signing Buehrle would just make their money issues worse.

Jessica- There has been so many rumors about Buehrle talking to people from the Marlins, St. Louis, and other different clubs. I would personally love for him to re-sign with the Sox, but knowing how cheap Jerry Reinsdorf is, I’m not too sure that will be the case.

John- I think Buehrle is out the door, but he may stay in Chicago with the Northsiders. Apparently he has been talking with the Cubs and the Diamondbacks, and I can imagine one of them will make an offer that Buehrle won’t be able to refuse.

Luke- I think 90% that he leaves. Almost half the league is interested in him, and with the Sox current financial strains, they won’t be able to outbid everyone else. Buehrle has already said he won’t give the Sox a hometown discount.

Sports Editor Luke Stanczyk