Two cents from T’n’C

By Therese Porod and Claire Kositzky

Dear T‘n’C

I was hanging out and watching a movie with this guy I like.  He hasn’t called or texted me back yet. What should I do?


Confused Chick


Dear Confused Chick,

First off, it depends on how many days it has been since you have hung out with him. If it has been more than three days, then you should text him. If it has been less than 24 hours, chill out and wait. He’s probably busy and will text you at night.  Make sure when you hang out with him you are not limiting yourself. Keep all options open until you know that he for sure likes you. However, always remember that if he is really interested in you, he would make the next move.




Dear T’n’C,

It’s the weekend and I have a huge test Monday. I really want to go out this weekend because we are celebrating my friend’s birthday. I know that I should stay home and study, but I really want to go out and celebrate with them. What should I do?

From Perplexed Person


Dear Perplexed Person,

If this is a really big test, you should stay home Friday and Sunday night to study. This way, you are studying and going out to celebrate. It’s a win-win situation. Make sure before you go out on Saturday that you look over the material before you get ready. Your mind does need a little bit of a break. However, if you want to drink, make sure to watch how much alcohol you consume because you do not want a hangover on Sunday. That would be a lot of time loss that would have been good for studying. Hope you choose wisely, and good luck on your test.