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From the Sidelines: November 16th

Staff Writer John Pierri

Staff Writer Jessica Carrillo

Staff Writer Tom Brown

by Luke Stanczyk (Sports Editor), Tom Brown (Staff Writer), Jessica Carrillo (Staff Writer), and John Pierri (Staff Writer)

Sports Editor Luke Stanczyk

Question #1- Do you think Joe Paterno should have been fired?

Luke Stanczyk- Sports Editor- Absolutely. Yes, he did everything he was legally obligated to do, but this goes beyond legal ramifications. All of the evidence stacks up: he knew kids were being raped for a long period of time and did not do everything he could to stop it. A university cannot afford to have a man with that black could hanging over him be the figurehead of their institution.

Tom Brown- Staff Writer- This is a hard question. I do think that all of the Penn State coaching staff should have been fired, including Joe Paterno. However, since the administration did not fire assistant coach Mike McQueary when he did the exact same thing, that means that Paterno should not have been fired. If they fired McQueary, then the Paterno firing was warranted, but since they didn’t, Paterno should have stayed.

Jessica Carrillo- Staff Writer- Even though Joe Paterno was one of the most successful coaches in the history of college football, his actions off the field, or lack of, have seemed to have gotten him in a situation him nor the whole Penn State community thought would blow up. I’m not doubting his expertise or talent as a football coach. He obviously proved himself worthy to be categorized as one of the best with his record. However, by not reporting to actual authorities about rape accusations regarding his coaching staff and athletes, he also proved that he is an inhumane individual that sat around and did nothing. Students at Penn State are rioting because of the expulsion of Paterno. It’s sad that people would believe their school’s football reputation is more important than the sanity and well-being of the actual students. Although I do believe he isn’t the only one that should be held accountable and fired, he definitely did deserve what came to him.

John Pierri- Staff Writer- I think Paterno should have been given a chance to finish out his season and then retire on his own terms.


Question #2- Is Devin Hester a Hall of Famer?

Luke- Without a doubt. It does not matter that he is predominantly a Special Teams player. Devin has impacted football games in a different way than anyone else has had in the history of the NFL: he’s the only return man ever that you can truly say is a legit threat to score every single time he touches the ball.

Tom- Yes, Devin Hester is absolutely a Hall of Famer. He has redefined his position, and last time I checked, anybody who has done that, regardless of what sport they play, is in the Hall of Fame.

Jessica- Devin Hester has proved over and over again that he is hall of fame bound. He has broken records, surpassed many expectations, and continues to shock fans and NFL personnel across the league. It is also still very early in his career. Who’s to say what other records he will set? Whenever an opponent kicks to Hester, they are taking a risk at a possible scoring play. I think that not only Bears fans, but football fans across the country would agree at the fact that Devin Hester is Hall of Fame worthy and will eventually see his name mentioned with the retired great ones.

John- If you are the best there ever was at what you do, then you belong in the Hall of Fame. Yes, Devin Hester belongs in Canton.


Question #3- What will be the score of the Bears-Chargers game on Sunday?

Luke- This could be a potential trap game for the Bears coming off of a huge win, but the Chargers and Bears are going in complete opposite directions right now. Phillip Rivers is a turnover machine, so as long as the Bears D plays with discipline, they’ll win handily. Bears 28 Chargers 17.

Tom- The Chargers are an interesting team to watch play. They have the talent to be a very good team in this league, but then they have those days where they look lost. Phillip Rivers has a knack for making one big mistake that changes the course of a game, and that’s exactly what the Bears defense is looking to create.  In order for the Bears to be successful, however, Matt Forte has got to come back from what was a subpar game against the Lions. I think the Bears can handle the Chargers, but it won’t be as easy as some people are saying it will. Bears 17-10.

Jessica- Seen as how next Sunday the 20th is my birthday, I feel confident that the Bears will see their fifth straight victory over the San Diego Chargers. San Diego have seen their share of disappointment this season with their 4-5 record. I think the Bears offensive line has finally started to sync together. Their defense will continue dominating and will shut down San Diego by a score of 28-10.

John- The Bears are gaining a lot of momentum. I see it continuing with another strong defensive performance against SD. Bears win 27-17