Blast to the past

By Sarah Jaber

Photography Editor

Flipping through an old yearbook, one would expect to find black and white pictures of students in outrageous styles and outdated looks. Something may catch the eye, however, that might not have been obvious before. There may be nerdy glasses and out-of-this-world afros, but a lot of the styles of the past seem to be a thing of today.

Ray bans, for example, are a new favorite and plaid shirts have never failed to be part of the year’s fads. Surprisingly, it is not uncommon to find students borrowing their parents old clothes in hopes to look “vintage” or stay in style. In fact, many photographers use clothing from the past and black and white shots to make many of their photo-shoots more authentic and classical.

With a combo of peace signs and loose off-the-shoulder shirts, it’s almost as if we embody the past with our styles. We may not realize the influence the past has on us, but many of the newest fashions are borrowing styles and ideas from the past.  Years may pass, but many designs seem to never fade away. Neon colors are other elements of design that a lot of people seem to enjoy wearing. Try it. Next time you go shopping, look in each store and you will notice at least one article of clothing that is similar to something your mom or dad may have in their closet.

I myself have used my mother’s old purse and many people have mistaken it to be bought during this season. In fact, one of my friends has an almost identical version but her purse was bought recently. In this way, we can see how trends develop, overlap, and sometimes repeat.

Maybe we all have the desire to stand out, or maybe the clothes simply fit our personalities. Either way, a select few of styles seem to survive the passing of time. Who knows, maybe silly bandz will be a thing of the future?