Webpage cannot be displayed…

Sophomore Serene Jabri waits for the Benedictine website to load after displaying numerous errors.

By Aaron Youngblood


With 265,576 visits, information overload to BenU website

The BenU community has regularly seen the “webpage cannot be displayed” error message when trying to access BenU’s website. Students and staff alike are displeased that the website is often unavailable because of technical issues.

“It hinders part of my job,” says Coordinator of Student Involvement Chris Smith.

“I have bookmarked the D2L [Desire2Learn] website because I anticipate Benedictine’s website to be down at times,” junior Karyn Tupek said. “Thankfully, the website being down doesn’t affect D2L.”

Some students’ grades have suffered because of the outages. “I should have gotten an A on one of my projects. Instead, I got an 85 because I wasn’t able to double check my answers when the website wasn’t working,” said junior Cristina De Leon.

Other students have had the same irritation. Junior Brittany Wolski stated, “I think it’s really frustrating that so frequently I try to go onto our website and it’s down at the most inconvenient times.”

During registration week, students rely on accessing the BenU website to enroll in classes. Many students have already experienced difficulties using the website.

“I was extremely annoyed when I was unable to register this morning because I was worried about enrolling in classes,” commented senior Jacob Simonovich, “but also didn’t want to be late for my classes this morning. The problems this morning just adds to the list of problems I’ve had with the web site this year.”

Senior Bryan Bathauer added, “I don’t understand how this problem happens so often. You’d think that they would be able to solve it by now, especially during such an important time for students during registration week.”

The problems of the website are attributed to unknown software issues that cannot be fixed at this time.

“It seems to be intermittent software problems…we think we have a solution, which is to upgrade a couple of pieces of software. We don’t have a schedule yet,” Chief Information Officer Randy Williams says.