Education: is it still worth it?

By Sameen Kinza

Yes! Education is ‘worth it’. The world we live in is based on our abilities to apply our education in order to improve society. How can we you miss out on the life-changing opportunity to earn a college degree?

Leena Hamadeh sits in the library stressed from the amount of work she has to do before break. Photo by Sarah Jaber.

Let’s face it, without a college education it’s hard in this recession to find a good paying, stable job. College education on the other hand can help you achieve so much in just four years! These four years give you the education you need to survive in the real world. Think about how much people change over those four years. Paying for college is pretty expensive so when you have to juggle between work, friends, family and studies there is no better training in becoming a more responsible person than going to college- a necessary trait when you start work in the real world and have to manage your whole life.

In comparison however, a person who decides not to go to college has a harder time adjusting to living their lives mostly because there is little to no job availability. Plus, the added pressure of being more organized and responsible about money in this economy is a nightmare for a kid who’s pushed into the real world right out of high school.

I do agree that college education can be tough and the biggest reason people choose to avoid it is because they feel they don’t need to spend large sums of money and countless hours of stress to become successful in life. Not true! More and more companies are looking for college graduates now than ever. Beat the competition and live a happier life, rather than struggle for a job with the pretense that going to college is worse.

Of course there are always people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates- the genius college drop outs that literally changed the way the world works. If we pay close attention to their work however, we can see that they didn’t need a college education to improve society or benefit it in anyway, they were gifted with exceptional talent that others take years of education to achieve. They are the exceptions to the rule, but after all, aren’t all rules meant to be broken?

To stay ‘in the running’ with this fast paced world you need to get an education. Without it, you fall behind. With this secret weapon of yours, you will always be ahead. Just remember, it will only take you four years to spend the rest of your life living more comfortably than you would without a degree.  So far, I’ve found college to be the best way to fulfill my dreams. Now the question is, do you still think education is not worth it?