Cheese kurds at coal ben

By Roberto Castillo

Cheese Kurds from Coal Ben is a student favorite.


Seriously, who knows what Cheese Kurds are? I am not directing my rhetorical question to you if you have already tried Cheese Kurds at Coal Ben. Well, I know I sure never heard of them before this year, but I’m glad I tried them because I think they are delicious!

Cheese Kurds are advertised as being “made with creamy Wisconsin white cheddar cheese and battered in our one of a kind crispy batter, served with marinara sauce” from the Coal Ben menu. Basically, they are little baby cheese sticks rolled into balls that come in various odd shapes and sizes. When served, they come with some marina sauce for dipping. Truth be told, Coal Ben really doesn’t give you enough sauce, but hey, who cares—they’re still good! Cheese Kurds are a decent-sized snack. If I were to rate them on a scale of one to five, with five being the best, I would say that they are about a four. The $4.89 price is a little high, but it is nothing to complain about.

Cheese Kurds make up the best special! I enjoyed them the most, but that is my personal preference. Hurry up and get Cheese Kurds as they won’t be around much longer since the new monthly specials will be coming out soon!