Your Workout: New and Improved

By Colleen Forkin


Chelsea White works out intensely at fitness center Tuesday Night.

The intensity of a workout is 50% self-motivation and 50% environment. Working out in a gym that looks shabby, beat-down and has low-quality machinery really puts a damper on the effectiveness on your workout. Think about it, when you walk into a small, old gym, you just look for the machine you had in mind, do what you came to do, and leave. But when you walk into a huge room filled with brand new equipment, the adrenaline kicks in, your heart rate increases, and you feel pumped to work out! Even if you went for a quick thirty-minute workout, you might end up staying longer!

Now everyone can take their workouts to the next level at the newly remodeled and transformed Dan and Ada Rice Center! Hopefully most of us have already ventured over to the new Rice Center. If not, then you are truly missing out on the intense workout it is screaming for you to have! Almost every part of the building is new and improved!

The Rice Center is composed of:

1. The Fitness Area: The fitness area of the Rice Center includes a specific area for weight lifting and then a separate area for cardio and agility. This gives students the opportunity to run on a treadmill while at the same time avoiding the football team lifting weights. With so much more space and an incredible amount of machines available, you rarely have to wait for a bike or an elliptical. Students can get their own specific workout in at there own pace. Also, if you happen to forget your I-pod, some of the cardio machines include a flat screen television for your own personal usage.

2. Athletic Training Facility: For athletes, one of the most beneficial areas of the new Rice Center is the Athletic Training Facility. The new facility now includes four taping areas and four treatment areas. It is also much larger, giving athletes more room to rehabilitate and receive different types of treatment. Probably the most significant upgrade to the training facility is the addition of the hot and cold hydrotherapy pools. As an athlete, I can understand the excitement surrounding the usage of these pools. Unfortunately, for most athletes, we will be submerging ourselves in the cold pool, rather than enjoying the “hot tub.”

3. The Eagle Room: This is the perfect area to hang out before or after athletic events, during halftime, or even for Senior Nights. The Eagle Room includes flat screen televisions, high tables, and black leather couches. It is very modern, yet very functional.

I am in the Rice Center every day. It is incredible to see so many students and faculty each day—I especially love seeing the students who never used to workout in our old “fitness center,” taking advantage of all that the new facility has to offer. It’s obvious that students, coaches and all faculty members are extremely grateful and excited for the new and improved Rice Center.

You now have no excuse to not use the gym regularly. Start that intense workout that your body is in desperate need of. It’s time to get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions and head to the Rice Center!