Messenger Bags and Blazers

By Zain Abdullah


Messenger bags have become a recent trend seen on campus.

Being up to date with the latest fashion trends isn’t always that easy.

There are two accessories that are a definite must for November: messenger bags and blazers. Sometimes it isn’t always about finding that flawless outfit off the manikin; it’s about having an eye for certain pieces that will definitely put a spark in that perfect outfit—and with those two pieces, you will be sparkling!

This month, try incorporating a messenger bag with your wardrobe; it’s a necessity! Long chain bags are a perfect touch to the outfit that’s missing something. Check out Gap and Macy’s to find some reasonable prices for great bags.

One basic that every girl should own- in addition to a little black dress- is a blazer that could be worn with any outfit. Blazers come in all shapes and cuts that work for all types of bodies!  Making sure that the blazer fits well and isn’t too snug is essential—that would turn your outfit from sloppy to sophisticated  right away. My personal favorite is the patterned blazer. This could be a plaid pattern or you could also see a military button down blazer.  These are all great styles that you could wear for a night or day look depending on how you dress it up or down!

Don’t forget to check out stores like Forever 21 that carry cute clothes on a college budget. It is possible to look cute for low prices!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t always have to be a trend that you saw on someone or in a magazine; it could just be a look you created!  Find a look that best fits you, wear it with full confidence, and I’m sure you will be turning heads!  Good luck!