Comedy night leads mixed emotions from the crowd

By:  Farwah Rizvi


Comedian entertains crowd during Comedy Night at Coal Ben.

The Chicago-based comedy group, Wood Sugars, along with guests Jeremy Solomon and Ever Mainard, brought in a full house last Thursday for BenU’s Comedy Night.

The opening act began with comedian Ever Mainard.

“I started a career in comedy at 21, however, I have always been the class clown and being funny has always been natural,” she stated.

She executed her jokes with quick delivery in an “Ellen DeGeneres-style” manner that brought mixed feelings among the attendees.

Some were offended. “The opening act [Mainard] brought on the lesbian, God, fat and period jokes,” said attendee Nazish Mirza. “I thought it was a little distasteful.”

Others had the opposite reaction.

“She was absolutely hilarious,” stated Benedictine Area Coordinator Karl Konstant.

“Ever Mainard should have her own solo show,” said sophomore Maggie Klein.

The Woods Sugar group consisted of Donny Rodriguez, Eliaz Rodriguez and Jeff Phillips.

As with Mainard, the crowd had mixed emotions to their routine.

“I really liked it. I liked the self esteem bus joke,” added freshman Jessica Clodi.

Guests found that the Words Sugar portion of the show could use some improvement. Rodriguez joked that people did not seem to laugh at their jokes throughout the show.

“I liked it. However I think their delivery needs work,” said Klein.

The members of Wood Sugar also shared their background and how they formed their group.

“We started with YouTube videos and slowly branched into a live show,” said front man Donny Rodriguez.

They came together after realizing that they could combine their different skills together.

“Jeff was an actor, my brother Eliaz and I were both musicians, so we each brought something different to the table,” Rodriguez continued.

They played the part of a traveling freak show. Rodriguez played the circus showman, while Phillips acted. They were intermediately joined by Eliaz Rodriguez and Solomon with various quirky antics.

The show was also highlighted by Saturday Night Live-style video sketches and “Shakespearean-esque” soliloquies on matters like spring break whistles.

Even though the show was received with mixed feelings, the visiting comedians all seemed to love the BenU student crowd.

“The crowd was fun. We are used to drunken old men, so getting a relaxed, attentive crowd was really nice,” said Rodriguez. Mainard added, “It was a neat and fun audience. Go Eagles!”

People who enjoyed the show can learn more about the group by visiting the Woods Sugar and Ever Mainard websites at and