Spring course schedule book to be online

By: Taylor Hoppe


BenU is taking a greener approach to class scheduling this spring. Administration has opted to put the book of classes offered during the spring semester online. This is a big change for students that are used to picking up books from around campus.

Students were alerted about the change through an email sent to their Ben account from Marco Masini, associate vice president for student life.  In the email, Masini writes, “The University is taking efforts to be environmentally conscious by not printing a course book so your information will be provided to you by the web site.”

“The University is taking efforts to communicate with students through Facebook, Twitter, emails, postings on the [BenU] web site and banners around campus,” said  Masini.

“My advisor told me it would be online,” says Therese Porod. “If I didn’t find out from my advisor, I probably wouldn’t have known it was online since I don’t check my [BenU] email regularly.”

Masini says there is another reason why the course book is online. “What we’ve seen is that the booklet is updated quickly after it’s updated. Having the booklet on the web site will make it easier to update,” he said.

“I like that they are putting the spring courses online because it’s easily accessible. Especially if you need to quickly look something up,” commented junior Kaitlin Walsh. “I hope they’re still doing the books too though because I like to circle my choices and write in notes.”

“I love it! Not only is it good for the environment, it will also be so easy to quickly look online to plan your schedule,” remarked senior Laura Christensen.

Masini says advisors will have a course book and the library will have several on reserve. Unfortunately, students will not be able to write in the copies of these books. The book will also not be printable once it is online.

“The point of putting the booklet on the computer is so we’re not creating waste. If students print out the booklet, it’s a waste of paper,” he added.

Masini also stated that there is a good chance the booklet will be outdated shortly after printing, “Updates occur almost every day.”

While Masini says the change has been generally well received, he welcomes all feedback from students about the change and students are willing to share!

Junior Robyn Hart says she liked it better when the booklet was printed out, “It’s easier for me to make a schedule when I have it in my hands and can flip back and forth.”

Senior Matt Brown also had concerns. “There have been a lot of problems with the BenU web site and the internet on campus this year. I’d be worried there might be problems.”

“It’s easy to flip through [the booklet] and see exactly what they have and what you need. Sometimes computers freeze up or be slow,” commented senior Courtney Pishkur.

On Oct. 31, the course book will be available online. At this time, students will also be able to find out when they register for classes. Registration begins Nov. 7.