Motorcyclist killed in accident outside of BenU on Halloween

By: John Pierri



A fatal accident involving a motorcyclist occurred at the BenU entrance off of College Rd. near Scholl Hall on Monday night, according to a media release sent by Lisle Police Department.

The motorcyclist, Salvatore J. Cacciato, 64, of Lisle, was traveling southbound on College Ave. around 9:18 p.m.  Cacciato struck the driver’s side door of a white car that was turning left from the Benedictine parking lot onto College Rd.

“Lisle Fire Department and Lisle Police Department treated the victims and transported them to Edward’s hospital, where the motorcyclist was later pronounced dead,” stated BenU Officer Sharon Rizzi.

Witnesses say the driver of the car was a student, but police cannot confirm the driver’s identity yet.

“From what we understand yes [the driver was a BenU student], but I have no confirmation on that,” Rizzi said.

“The metal side of the car was wrapped around the motorcycle,” freshman Natalie Kocks explained.

Benedictine senior Max Bednarski, spoke with police near the accident. “There was blood and pieces of clothing in the street… He wasn’t wearing a helmet,” he said.

Lisle Police Department Watch Commander Randy Johnson stated that Cacciato was transported from the scene to Edward Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The driver of the car was also taken to the hospital, but was later released with minor injuries.

“All the motorcyclist would do was moan… The driver of the car hobbled over and obviously had a leg injury,” Kocks added.

“After transporting the victims, Rizzi says Lisle detectives and accident reconstruction experts were called to the scene to “help determine the official cause of the accident.”

BenU Police say there was a small group of students that had gathered around the scene of the accident.

Two female BenU students were first at the scene of the accident last night.

“We heard an impact and knew it was a crash,” explained Kocks. “We ran across the parking lot and I called 911 while Emma tried to see if he would respond.”

The girls explained that a nurse pulled over after seeing the accident and began to take Cacciato’s pulse. She told the girls that his pulse was faint. “We didn’t think to touch him,” sophomore Emma Berndt said.

Traffic was backed up until emergency services arrived at the scene. “I started directing traffic because there were cars lined up,” Berndt explained.

“We have brought the intersection the student was turning out of to the attention of our supervisors,” says Rizzi.

Rizzi added, “Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was involved.”

The accident is under investigation by the Lisle Police Department.

Samantha Jones and Taylor Hoppe contributed to this story.