Lunch with landscapers discusses plant care

By: Blanca Gaig


Campus Services’s recently hosted Lunch with Landscapers, where a plant expert shared tips to help prolong plant life

Hasnija Hadzic, service operations manager for Ambius, the largest interior landscaping company in North America, spoke and answered questions at the event last week.

More than 60 people including faculty, staff and external community members attended the event.

Closing blinds at night in winter, avoiding use of outdoor soils, keeping plants away from drafts and inspecting plants before purchasing, were just some of Hadzic’s suggestions.

“Plants are living things,” Hadzic reminded guests, “we don’t have to forget that.”

It’s also important to remember that apart from water and fertilizer, plants need light.

Hadzic urged planters to choose a suitable place for their plants depending on how much light it needs. “Every house, office or establishment is different,” said Hadzic. “You have to find the perfect spot for a plant to grow strong. Cactus, for example, are great for terrariums.”

Watering and pests were two of the many concerns the audience expressed during the question and answer session that followed Hadzic’s speech.  To minimize pest risks she recommended removing dead plant material, keeping their surface clean, inspecting them regularly and isolating the ill ones so the rest are not infected.

“For my house appliance, I’ll spray the plants if needed and give them a shower once in a while,” Hadzic said. “Personally, I water them every three weeks.”

She also recommended local nurseries rather than stores as ideal places to buy plants. “All the plants [Ambius] uses comes from Florida and California nurses,” she said. “Stores don’t have much variety.”

Hasnija Hadzic spoke to guests about taking care of indoor plants at the event.

“It was a very interesting meeting,” said Joe Wozniak. “She was able to answer all of my questions. I so look forward to the next one.”

“It was very informative and she was a very pleasant speaker,” said Carol Possehl. “I would definitely use the tips she gave us, now I have really interesting things to try.”

The event was part of the Lunch with the Landscapers program, which is sponsored by Campus Services. Jay Stuart and Peter Charcut, director and ground manager of Campus Services, chose to have Hadzic as the featured speaker because of the partnership Benedictine has with the Ambius.

“It was a natural fit that our indoor plant people gave a lecture on indoor plants,” said Stuart.

Attendees learned many things during the event and Hadzic’s admiration for nature was just one.

“I love this business, plants are my passion,” Hadzic finished. “You learn something new every day.”