Short story: Home alone part 1

By Nida Motan



Samantha was stuck at home all weekend, studying for a midterm. She was really upset because her parents had decided to go to the city with the rest of her family. She loved the city but she couldn’t join them because of this huge midterm. She decided to stay home alone and study with no distractions.


As Samantha studied, her stomach growled intensely leading her downstairs to the kitchen. She decided to take a break, eat some pizza and watch some TV.  She began flipping through channels when suddenly; the news channel caught her eye. It read “BREAKING NEWS: A SERIEL KILLER JUST ESCAPED FROM COOK COUNTY PRISON.” Samantha stared, in shock. Her zone of comfort was stripped away from her. A man, not caring of murder, was on the loose. The thought of her being home alone scared her even more. She decided to turn off the TV, head upstairs and continue studying. This would help distract her from the shocking news she had just heard.


Samantha studied for another hour when, all of a sudden, she heard a loud thud downstairs. At first, she thought her family was back home. She looked outside her window but their car wasn’t there. Samantha began trembling in fear, not knowing who it was. Maybe Samantha was just paranoid, maybe not… She decided to go and take a look to see what had caused the noise. As she walked downstairs, she felt something unusual. She felt as if someone was staring at her but she couldn’t see anyone. “I’m just paranoid,” she thought. She went down, looked around and didn’t see anything. She realized she only had a few more hours to study. She started going back upstairs when she heard the garage door open and close. She ran up to her bedroom, checked outside her window so see if her parents’ car was there. It wasn’t… Terrified, she dialed 911 and told the officer what had happened. He said he would send a police car her way, as soon as possible.


Within a few minutes, an officer arrived at Samantha’s house. She told him what had happened. He told her that the serial killer was caught a few minutes ago, not too far from her area. Samantha sighed with relief. Her zone of comfort was back. She thanked the officer and went back inside, ready to finish studying. She went upstairs into her bedroom and sat down in front of her books. She opened her notebook back to her original page when she saw something absurd… Her notes read, “He’s not the only murderer in town Samantha.” Samantha was terrified; she jumped to find her phone to call 911 again. Her phone was nowhere to be found. She had left it on the bed but it was no longer there. She had no idea what to do. Who was this guy? What did he want with her? So many questions ran through Samantha’s head but she had no answers. She was stuck. She heard the garage door open and close again, downstairs. She looked outside her window for her parents, but there was still no car…

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