Police Reports

On October 28th at 7:44 P.M., University Police responded to the quad area in front of Jaeger Hall, where two female students reported that two males were throwing apples while people were walking. One of the apples hit one of the girls leaving a baseball size mark on her upper arm. Other witnesses came forward to help identify the two suspects. Citations were written to the two students for malicious activity.

On October 30th at 3:10 P.M., University Police and Lisle Fire Department responded to Ondrak Hall when the fire alarms activated. An investigation revealed that seven rooms had plastic bags covering their individual room smoke detectors. Eleven $100 citations were written to residents for a fire safety hazard.

On October 28th at 4:45 P.M., a resident of Anderson Hall reported that he had been experiencing on-going physical harassment by one of his roommate, which had escalated to a point where it is considered battery. Investigation revealed that there was enough evidence to charge the suspect for a criminal battery. The roommate was given a misdemeanor for battery and referred to the DuPage County State’s Attorney for charges. He posted bond for $1000 and was released.