Last Minute Halloween Looks

By Nida Motan



With less than a week left until Halloween, it’s time to start seriously thinking about your costume! Whether you’re going out with a group, as a couple, or even alone; there are so many different ideas and costumes to take into consideration. Halloween is an excuse to bring out the crazy fashion sense you’ve been hiding inside so let’s take advantage of that and be as creative as we can!


Group Costumes:

Going trick-or-treating with a group of friends and want to dress alike? There are many group costumes you can choose from!

Thing One and Thing Two from The Cat in the Hat: This is a common costume but it’s very easily put together. All you need is a red dress along with some light blue hair dye. The red dress makes the look more fresh and modern.

Mario and Luigi: These characters can come to life this Halloween. A red and green shirt, along with some suspenders and a hat can easily make that happen.

Power Rangers: This outfit is a lot of fun. All you have to do is find a cute dress, the color of any power ranger. Adding a few accessories like a belt can really bring the outfit to life.

Powerpuff Girls: Ladies can go as the Powerpuff Girls and find themselves a Mojo Jojo to take along!


Couple Costumes:

If you’re going out as a couple, there are plenty of costumes to choose from. Mentioned below are just a few examples.

Fred and Wilma from The Flintstones

Bonnie and Clyde

Jasmine and Aladdin

Batman and Wonder Woman


For guys:

There are plenty of different costumes to choose from!

Superhero: There’s Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America—just to name a few. The accessories for these costumes can be bought from any general Halloween store.

Professional Athlete: This is by far the easiest costume to sport! Just throw on a Bull’s jersey and you can call yourself Derrick Rose for a night!

For guys, my favorite would have to be the Joker. It may be very common, but this costume is so creative and exciting.  Finding a purple blazer and a green vest may be hard, but once the outfit comes together it looks amazing. The green hair dye and the face paint help add a lot to the character as well.


For ladies:

You can always easily put an outfit together with the clothes in your closet!

Nerd: Get a buttoned down shirt along with some pants, suspenders and some old bifocals and you have yourself a “nerd” costume.

Cat: You can also easily put on some black leggings and a black shirt, draw some whiskers and be a “cat” for Halloween.

Hippy: Putting on a tie-dye shirt with a bandana can give you a hippy look.

Lady Gaga: This is a popular costume idea for the ladies! Lady Gaga’s crazy fashion sense is always fun to embrace on Halloween.


My personal favorite for ladies would be a Minnie Mouse costume. I think the Minnie Mouse look is perfect for girls, very appropriate and easily put together. All you need is red tights, along with a cute skirt and a black shirt. You can also purchase Minnie Mouse ears at any local Halloween store. This would be an adorable outfit for Halloween.

Halloween is a time to have fun with your friends. You can be as wild as you want because everyone looks pretty crazy! It’s a fun experience and you want to have a costume to match it!