Fall Fashion Favorites: A Girls Night Out Look

By Amela Gavranovic



Whether it happens on a weekday or over the weekend, a girl’s night out is a sacred time that every girl looks forward to. It is the time to leave the boys behind along with any other stress that may lead to a break out. Nights like these lead to the infamous question that always sneaks up at the worst time: What should I wear?
The outfits must live up to a couple of things before final selections are made. First, is the outfit setting appropriate?  Does it agree with the time of the day? Do any of your girlfriends who are going own the same outfit? And finally, does it agree with your body?
It is important that your outfit is suitable for the bar, restaurant, lounge or event you are attending. Wearing the appropriate clothing will prevent you from being an eye sore to others around you.
Being aware of the time of the day is also important, wearing sequence or glitter in bright daylight may make your girlfriends go blind. There is really no reason for it, if it shimmers or glitters leave it for night time. Sometimes a girl just needs to go with her gut feeling, if you feel like your outfit is too short and tight for a brunch with the girls, it probably is.
One of the more embarrassing things that could happen on a girl’s night out is wearing the same outfit as one of your friends. If you are a close group, chances are you may share a similar style of dressing. I have experienced it first hand and I’ve seen it happen to others.  If you know your friend has that very same dress, ask her if she is planning on wearing it that night. Finally, make sure that the outfit you have chosen agrees with your body type. Sometimes girls will appear to look bigger or smaller simply because they are wearing the wrong size. The final look should always make you feel confident and excited for a night out with the girls.