Job Hunting Continues: BenU Prepares Students for the Current Job Market

By Kiran Munir


BenU is offering more career assistance and opportunities to establish networks or obtain internships, as an increasing number of alumni and students are turning to Benedictine for help with their preparations for the job market.

“The Alumni Relations Office will be presenting four free webinars to all alumni that will be career related,” Alumni Relations Director, Julie Nelligan shared.

These webinars are designed to aid jobseekers to network and optimize chances of obtaining a job.

To further assist and prepare current students for the job market, the Career Development Office and Alumni Relations are sponsoring a workshop called “Using Social Media for Your Job Search”.

The event is on Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. in Krasa rooms A and B and is expected to teach attendees how to market themselves using social media.

Career Development and Alumni relations will also be hosting monthly “coffee houses” on campus for students to attend. Alumni will be able to talk to current students about different career related topics.

In these forums, students will be allowed to ask questions and learn about life beyond college. The first “coffee shop” is on Thursday, Oct. 27 from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

“Benedictine does a real good job of preparing an individual for the reality of job hunting, offering many tools and workshops that a student or grad can use to showcase their talents,” former BenU student, Dan Martinez stated.

Career Development Coordinator Sherri Smith claims, “Benedictine alumni do very well once they graduate from the university in obtaining positions related to their major.”

She added that success in the job market depends on many different things, including how early an individual started in trying to locate a potential job, participating in volunteer work or community service and completing an internship or holding a leadership position. She even said that the flexibility of relocating to another area is a factor that plays a critical role in the quest to locate employment.

Smith said that it is important for job seekers to keep in mind that some factors are uncontrollable by the individual. The demand for graduates with certain degrees may be higher than others.

Currently the demand for accounting, marketing, health related fields and government sectors is high. However, finding a job in the education field is extremely hard because the state funding has decreased.

Not all alumni decide go in the job market right away. Some decide to continue the education process by attending graduate school. “On average, 40 percent of Benedictine graduates are accepted into graduate school,”  Smith said.

It’s no secret that the condition of our current economy has forced corporations to reduce their budgets and cut staff. The reality is that many students and recent graduates will have to take unpaid positions in their particular industry, simply to compete with other candidates with real working experience.